The Flip Side Podcast

The Flip Side Podcast

The first episode of The Flip Side podcast, in collaboration with Kurious Arts, talks to experts about social connection in relation to mental wellbeing. In particular, we discuss Connecting People, which is designed to connect those experiencing social isolation with others.

The podcast explores how academia, therapeutic services, research and lived experience practitioners can come together to better understand the following questions: Why in 2020 are so many of us feeling isolated and alone? What can we do about this? And whose responsibility is it?


Jess Gibson – local performer and writer with lived experience, facilitating workshops and performances in Sheffield. Specialising in dance and theatre, Jess loves listening to and telling stories. A dog lover and allotment dweller 🙂


Ellie Wildbore – Service user and Patient Ambassador in Medical Education and Research at Sheffield Health and Social Care.

Prof. Martin Webber – Professor of Social Work at the University of York

Dr. Chris Wood – Art Therapist and Lecturer with the Art Therapy Northern Programme.


Sage Sheffield –

The Flip Side Podcast

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