Risk, risk taking and connecting people

The second Connecting People podcast focuses on risk and positive risk taking in relation to social connections. Jess Gibson leads a discussion on elements of ‘risk’ and how we perceive, manage and approach risk in the context of mental health and healthcare work.

Jess Gibson – local performer and writer with lived experience, facilitating workshops and performances in Sheffield. Specialising in dance and theatre, Jess loves listening to and telling stories. A dog lover and allotment dweller.

Ellie – Patient Ambassador in Medical Education and Research (Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust)
Liz – Occupational Therapist, currently working in the Quality Team (Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust)
Emily – Is involved in projects associated with physical activity and exercise in relation to wellbeing
Richard – Associate Director in Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

Connecting People podcast #2

One Comment on “Risk, risk taking and connecting people”

  1. Really interesting and invigorating podcast. I hope too that we can do more work around risk so that health care professionals feel more comfortable helping service users to forge more new social connections. You know, I remember being in hospital one time, and the manager of Assessment Ward said the most profound thing to me: “My son is 18 years old. I always think what it would be like for him if he developed mental health problems and came in to hospital. I try to treat all of the patients the same way I hope my son would be treated”. This to me is true compassion 🙂

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