Connecting People Pilot Study

Connecting People is an evidence-informed approach to supporting people to connect with others


There is growing evidence that the social context of people’s lives is important for their recovery from mental health problems. As mental health services are increasingly involved for a limited time, and people are supported more at home and in their communities, it is important for practitioners to support people to develop networks which can help to foster and sustain their recovery.

Connecting People is a practice model for developing and enhancing access to social networks but its effectiveness is not known. This study aimed to pilot Connecting People in a diverse range of health and social care services. It sought to evaluate its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in services for adults with mental health problems or a learning disability, and older adults with a mental health problem. This also facilitate an exploration of its applicability in different contexts.



Research team

The study was conducted by Professor Martin Webber (University of York) with Meredith Fendt-Newlin and Sam Treacy (University of York) and Sharon Howarth (University of Central Lancashire).

Professor Paul McCrone (Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London) and Professor David Morris (University of Central Lancashire) were collaborators.

The study was funded by the NIHR School of Social Care Research.