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Connecting People is an evidence-informed approach to supporting people to connect with others

Connecting People Research

Since the start of Connecting People research in 2010 there have been a number of other studies in England exploring ways to enhance the social networks of people with mental health problems.

The Community Navigator Study is developing and testing a programme of support to increase community connections and reduce loneliness for people with complex anxiety and depression. This study in being led by University College London and the McPin Foundation.

The Community Health Networks study explored the importance of social connections and activities, and how people can be supported to build or use these networks to support their mental health. This study was conducted by the McPin Foundation and Plymouth University.

The Connected Communities programme used community engagement approaches to connect people within communities to co-develop interventions which facilitated networking, building community networks and promoting positive mental well-being. This study was conducted by The RSA, University of Central Lancashire and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

SCENE is a research programme that aims to develop and evaluate a new intervention to help people with psychosis to overcome social isolation and improve their quality of life. It is led by Queen Mary University of London, University of Exeter and University of York

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