Connecting People Exploratory Study

Connecting People is an evidence-informed approach to supporting people to connect with others


Social capital refers to the resources people can obtain through their connections with others. Although a disputed concept, it has been shown to improve quality of life and may have an impact on recovery from mental health problems. Little is known about how health and social care workers can assist individuals recovering from mental health problems to increase their access to social capital. There is also a lack of research on how workers help individuals develop secure attachments with those in their social networks so that these individuals may harness existing social capital.

Social capital may be a vital ingredient in the recovery of people with mental health problems, but mental health and social care services have limited awareness of its importance. This study aimed to explore how health and social care workers supported people with mental health problems – in particular, young people with psychosis - to develop and mobilise social capital. The study aimed to develop a social intervention which would support people to develop secure attachments and improve their access to social resources in their networks.



Research team

The study was conducted by Dr Martin Webber, Hannah Reidy and David Ansari at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.

Dr Martin Stevens (Social Care Workforce Research Unit) and David Morris (University of Central Lancashire) were collaborators.

The study was funded by the NIHR School of Social Care Research.