Connecting through running

Victoria Catton, an Occupational Therapist working in the South Recovery Team in Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust shares her experience of running, nature and the feelings of connection it brings.

Victoria Catton

With thanks to Dan Jackson of Subversive Productions for producing this film.

3 Comments on “Connecting through running”

  1. Thanks Victoria for sharing this. I loved watching it and even felt a sense of relaxation while doing so! It prompted some thoughts of my own and encouraged me to think not just about our connections to people but the importance of how we connect to nature, to our routines and feeling of familiarity and how this impacts on our well-being. I reflected on my own experiences and remembered a time of feeling alone despite being surrounded by many people. I was a long way from home, scared in an unfamiliar place with people I knew but didn’t feel a great sense of connection with. I had a quiet moment and looked up in the sky, I saw the Orion star constellation and suddenly felt connected to the world! It simply changed my trajectory of thought and allowed me to feel a sense of comfort and belonging. Although I was in an unfamiliar place, the constellation made the environment less alien. This small sense of connection to the world allowed me to feel more confident in making stronger connections to the people I was with and nudged me into a healthier mindset.

    I’d love to hear more stories of connections from others, whether a staff member or someone with lived experience of mental health difficulties, Liz Fletcher

  2. I think this is really important – to consider that important connections don’t have to just be with other people, they can be with animals, music, hobbies, nature – all sorts! In my opinion we need a variety of connections from all of these difference sources to get a balance. It might be easier for someone to start to consider making connections with nature or animals before taking the jump to people if this is something that is really difficult for them!

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